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Filinvest Sorrento Oasis Pasig

Sorrento Oasis Pasig is another oasis-themed condominium development of Filinvest, one of the country's leading full-range publicly-listed property developers. It is the only medium-rise village in the area along the highly accessible of C. Raymundo Avenue, with resort-like amenities in a sprawling low-density community with functional spaces that fit one's lifestyle.
Sorrento Oasis, A Mid-Rise Development of Filinvest in Pasig City

Sorrento Oasis is an Italian-themed community inspired by Sorrento, a beautiful town in Southern Italy with a panoramic view of Bay of Naples, noted for its breathtaking sunsets and the rejuvenating fragrance of orange and citrus groves. This charming Italian theme is reflected in the building design, amenities, gardens, and the overall refreshing atmosphere in the community.

Sorrento Oasis by Filinvest aims to create a "green" living environment that combine comfort, fine design and affordability minutes away from the Ortigas Business District. Set within a secure enclave, it is a sprawling community composed of 17 mid-rise residential five-storey buildings inspired with modern architectural theme. Surrounded with over 2 hectares of fragrant lush gardens and wide open spaces, the development would provide a perfect haven for young nesters or a refuge for aspiring young professionals or yuppies who need peace of mind and a refreshing respite from their daily grind. Find refuge in lush, breathing spaces and take comfort in knowing that everything you need is within reach. Its accessibility to key locations and a relaxing living environment makes it the ideal choice for the modern, urban family.

Sorrento Oasis Home
Sorrento Oasis, a Perfect Haven and a Relaxing Living Environment

Project Overview

C. Raymundo Avenue, Pasig City,  6.2 Hectares project, •19 Buildings, 5 floors per building, Italian-Inspired Theme

Distinct Features that will Attract Home Buyers to Choose Sorrento Oasis Pasig

1. Urban haven - Stylish living spaces amid lush environs

Sorrento Oasis is inspired by Sorrento, an Italian town renowned for its refreshing environs. The community features a stylish architecture interspersed with over 60% of total land area devoted to open spaces and verdant greens.

Sorrento Oasis 01Haven
Sorrento Oasis - An Urban Haven in Pasig

2. Accessible gateway - Strategic location for a convenient lifestyle

Sorrento Oasis is conveniently situated alongthe highly accessible C Raymundo Avenue in Pasig putting residents at the center of everything.
Sorrento Oasis 02Location
Sorrento Oasis - Ideal Location

3. Resort-inspired amenities - Indoor and outdoor venues for relaxation and leisure

Sorrento Oasis
provides residents with a dynamic and refreshing lifestyle with a host of wxclusive amenities and recreational facilities.
Sorrento Oasis 03Resort Living
Resort-Inspired Amenities at Sorrento Oasis

4. Secure environment - Made safe by perimeter walls, a gated entrance, and 24-hour security

Sorrento Oasis
has building features &/ facilities such as a guarded gate and security system ensuring that urban living is convenient, comfortable and stress-free.
Sorrento Oasis 04 Features
Sorremto Oasis, A Safe and Secure Home
5. Property management - A professional team makes sure your investment is masterfully maintained

A Property Management team will handle the upkeep of the property and its facilities as well as the day-to-day concerns of its homeowners.
Sorrento Oasis 05PMO
Property Management Team


Developer : Filinvest Land Inc (FLI)
Location: C. Raymundo Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines
(1Km away from Ortigas Avenue )
Land Area: 6.2 hectares
Floor Area: 20 to 45 sqm
Unit Types: Studio, 1BR, 2BR

There is a great feeling that comes with living in a place that fosters community, where neighbors become lifelong friends and a regular stroll is deemed an opportunity to mix and mingle.  Such a unique experience makes Sorrento Oasis a perfect place to live in. While located amidst the vibrant urban area of Pasig City, Sorrento Oasis encourages residents to build stronger community ties through an array of amenities that foster bonding with family and friends. Now, people living in the city need not go far to experience a refreshing lifestyle as Sorrento Oasis Pasig, with its environment and resort-inspired amenities, brings a distinct freshness to urban living. Here, you can have your own patch of green in the city, right at your own home!

Sorrento Oasis 01
Bask in the refreshing charm of Sorrento Oasis Pasig - My Patch of Freshness in the City.

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