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The Art of Green Living

Surround yourself with an oasis of green and blue, an oasis of lush foliage and crystal blue pools. Revel in the amenities of country club living. Keep in touch with nature, with the help of cutting-edge green architecture and expanses of lush grass. Feel at one with nature even while indoors. Each condo unit at SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City is specially designed to bring the outdoors in, with louvred doors and picture windows that allow you to take advantage of fresh air and natural light.

Check out our airy but still amazingly affordable one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. And enjoy the lushness of condo living--with plenty of room for your family to grow.

SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Building and Greenery
SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Building Perspective with Lush Landscape

INTEGRITY GROUP SOLD 33 units during the July 16 Launch of SMGrass Residences! Below are the reasons why:


We just made a Real Estate INVESTMENT that GUARANTEESPASSIVE INCOME which we are excited to share with you so you can also have the chance to grab this NO BRAINER DEAL INVESMENT! Here are the details:

With NO outright downpayment and for only 10K+/month, you can also start investing in a FULLY FURNISHEDcondominium that will stand beside SM North Edsa – SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City being developed by Henry Sy’s SM Development Corporation. This is a very crazy, no-brainer deal in the real estate industry!!!

Through its marketability for rentals, this investment will SELF-LIQUIDATE and will earn at least 35% p.a. ROI (Return on Investment) on a worst case scenario and 75% p.a. on a best case scenario. Here are some of the reasons why:

SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City 1BR Unit
SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Sample 1BR Model Unit
  • Very Accessible- The project will stand at the back of SM North Annex and will have a private bridge way that will connect it directly to SM North Edsa. Furthermore, the Grand Central Station connecting 4 train lines including MRT, LRT1 and the proposed LRT7 and MRT-4 will be built in front of SM North EDSA by 2010. Pres Arroyo has already made this plan official.
SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Near Planned Grand MRT Terminal
SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City with Future MRT Connectivity
  • Has Country Club Like Amenities - The project has 5 swimming pools, 6 badminton courts, a full sized basketball court, and over 75% of the land dedicated to amenities and open space. There is no other resort-type development in the market beside the mall that is as affordable as SMDC Grass Residences
SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Top-Notch Amenities

SMDC Grass Residences QC Amenities

The investment’s rental income will pay-off a big portion of the monthly amortization. This is the beauty of a SELF-LIQUIDATING INVESTMENT. After the bank loan term or even earlier when the rental income surpasses the monthly amortization, the investment will earn continuous PASSIVE INCOME.

We will gladly show the project as well as the figures to prove that this is not a marketing spin – there’s no catch really! INTEGRITY REALTY has been studying the market for the past years and we are definite that this is really ANOTHER NO BRAINER DEAL!

During the July 16 Launch, INTEGRITY REALTY was able to sell around 33 units in 3 days! That’s a wonderful testament at how big the potential of this investment is and how easy the payment terms are!

Share this to someone who is looking for a very good investment that will BEAT the bank savings interest rate by 40 times, the Time Deposit interest rate by 10 times and mutual funds by 3 times!!!

SMDC Grass Residences QC Three Towers morning sun

SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Towers' Perspective

There’s nothing more soothing and refreshing than the sight of lush trees, verdant grass and refreshing blue water. That’s why SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City is a distinctive condominium development that devotes an expansive 75% of its total area to create an ambience of verdant nature in the city. Imagine the joys of living and playing amidst 2.5 hectares of green space designed for you and your family’s outdoor recreational pleasure and relaxation. Enjoy green living in the heart of Quezon City.

SMDC Grass Residences QC 07Blue and Green Oasis
SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City Oasis of Blue and Green

This is the art of condo living at its greenest, at the green heart of Quezon City, behind SM North EDSA.

SMDC Grass Residences Quezon City. Creating an oasis where your family can grow - and prosper.


Tower 4 Project Overview

SMDC Grass Residences QC Tower 4 Overview


Developer : SMDC
Location: Quezon City  (next to the SM City mall North EDSA)
Land Area: 3.3 Hectares
Floor Area: 22.24 to 70.54 SQM
Unit Types: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR

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