Why Choose A Realtor?

What is the value of having a bonafide REALTOR® on your side--- Somebody who will look after your best interests?

Some people can and do it alone when buying or selling homes. But particularly for first-time buyers, the value of an experienced REALTOR® is immeasurable. A REALTOR®'s role extends far beyond just finding a buyer, or a nice house in a good neighborhood. In many cases, your REALTOR® is there to provide a title ownership check with the Register of Deeds to find out if the title is authentic and/or if it is mortgaged, or has any liens or encumbrances. At times, a REALTOR® is there to handle the tough negotiations involved before closing. Most real estate transactions are never easy and requires a seasoned and experienced REALTOR®.

Here is a list of expertise of a REALTOR® as formulated by Courtney Roman in the Realty Times on June 21, 2000 :

  • Advertising properties both to other Realtors® and prospective buyers on the MLS, as well as through other local and regional media;
  • Creating marketing strategies to sell properties, based on accurate information and research about each property;
  • Offering recommendations and information about various neighborhoods and properties that fit within a buyer's price range and individual preferences/lifestyle needs;
  • Drawing up an estimate of the market value of the seller's home;
  • Drawing up the contract and negotiating its terms;
  • Providing guidance to buyers seeking financing;
  • Coordinating appraisals;
  • Negotiating offers and counter offers;
  • Screening prospective buyers and reviewing their offers before an acceptance by the Seller;
  • Assisting the Seller in securing documents required for the sale;
  • Coordinating details of the closing day.

A Realtor® can eliminate a lot of the legwork involved in finding a suitable home.
A REALTOR® would have access to a lot of properties on his PROPERTY LISTINGS as well as the listings of his co-REALTORS®. An experienced REALTOR® would know the local market conditions and would have a list of good priced houses available. He can also advise you against bad investments in questionable and/or unfunded development.

Some prefer to sell their properties on their own so they can avoid paying the broker's commission. However, if you do not know the real estate laws, if you're not aware of the current market prices, if you are not aware of the voluminous documentation requirements with the BIR and Register of Deeds, you might wind up paying more than what you saved and wasted time if you had hired a real estate broker to "do the dirty work". It might have been a small price to pay for your peace of mind knowing that you have a qualified REALTOR® doing the work for you.